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This has happened all once before

and will happen once again.


Here is the bonus comic for Anthology of Past Lives  .

You may be wondering what he’s remembering, and why there’s clocks floating about. If curiosity strikes too strongly, follow that link up there. ;) [ There are currently: 3 copies left ]

Important note:

If, by some chance, we get over 13 more people interested in ordering, I will place another order for more comics. [ Warning, the date for the shipment will be later since they take forever for some reason.

Otherwise, it’s just these three left



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30 photos that smash the harmful stereotypes toy companies feed us

According to a survey conducted by Global Toy Experts, moms have noticed a 25% drop in the number of gender-neutral toys their daughters play with now compared to the toys moms played with during their own childhoods. That’s right, according to this data, women today are much more likely to have played with tools or a construction set than their daughters.

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